“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Peter Drucker was right. Performance measurement is critical to making informed organizational decisions and to unlocking improvement opportunities. We facilitate measurement by building simple tools to help organizations track, store, and report on data and other clinical information. As part of our development and deployment process, we train staff on how to use the tools and provide support in identifying and rectifying issues.

Performance Measurement

As clinicians-in-training, we understand that the bedrock of outstanding patient care is research and evaluation. But we also understand that the realities of practice constrain time to do research or undertake evaluation activities. We design and execute research and evaluation projects with the goal of helping organizations improve their clinical and business practices and deliver better care for their patients and clients.

Research Support & Evaluation

We strongly believe data should drive decision-making. However, we recognize that good data are not always available. We help our clients in community health better leverage new and existing information management systems to improve collection, handling, and storage of patient data, and to extract these data to meet reporting and organizational requirements. We also advise on the structure and writing of data governance and information management policies and procedures.

Information Management